Current projects

'bdec' binary decoder

March 2007 - Present
A mechanism to allow specification of binary formats, and to automatically decode the data given the specification.

FAT16/FAT32 FUSE filesystem driver

March 2007
A FUSE filesystem driver capable of reading FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems.

Scanline renderer

Cube screenshot

December 2006 - present
A simple scanline renderer.

Capable of being compiled by the pycro compiler.

Used to create small graphical demos.

'pycro' i386 python compiler

June 2006 - present
A compiler capable of compiling simple python programs to i386 machine code.

Allows specialising of modules and functions on a per-backend basis, allowing (for example) mode 10 graphics and simple keyboard input in the generated com files.

The generated files can be very small, and can run far faster then native python.

Also see the discontinued projects page.