Discontinued Projects


March - April 2007
A Windows shell extension integrating the bzr source control system.

Land builder

Land builder screenshot

Worked on from 2000 - September 2005.
Editor capable of displaying and editing meshes in various formats. Technologies include;

Build system

Worked on Nov 2004 - April 2005
Buildsystem used for building the land builder project. Written in python, it is capable of compiling, unit testing, making an installer, and testing the installer.

Release manager

Worked on Nov 2004 - September 2005
Project used to track released and development versions of multiple projects. It is capable of using a projects buildsystem to checkout and build a given version of a project (or creating new releases from an existing development version). Written in python.

Command line invoker

Worked on Feb 2005 - September 2005
Project to easily provide a command line interface to a method. Includes printing help, flags, and arguments. Written in python.

Janus proxy chaining

A modification of an existing proxy server to fix NTLM authentication, and to refactor the code so that there is a seperation between core proxy functionality and the user interface.

Model editor

Model editor screenshot

Worked on 1998 - 2000
Model editor written in c++ capable of creating models from scratch. Uses MFC and Direct3d.